Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 6-12

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: It was cold and windy and my Tuesday running partner (Jason Spruill) has daddy duties due to spring break, so I wimped out and headed to LA Fitness. I decided to try to climb 4000 feet in an hour on the treadmill. According to Dan Rose’s blog, 4.3 miles on a treadmill at an incline of 15 would get one 4000 feet. Apparently a 15 on the treadmills at LA Fitness is not as steep as Dan Rose’s treadmill (or calculates feet climbed differently, because I did 2.26 miles in 30:22 (between 4.4 and 4.5 mph avg.), and it told me I climbed 1780 feet. I then took a water break, jogged 0.5 miles, then did 1.59 miles in 22:11 (4.3 avg) on 15 and it said I climbed 1240 feet. I finished up with a little less than 4 miles going 6 mph (10 min. miles) for a total of 8 miles. I’ll admit I was cheating on the climbs and holding onto the top of the treadmill rather than pumping my arms. This workout really aggravated the tendonitis behind my knee. Note to self: use body glide or tape nipples before running on treadmill. Total: 8

Wednesday: 2 mile warm-up (17:20), then 5 miles (41:11) with Oakhurst Running Club. Ran in control and took it easy except on the uphills. We placed 2nd at trivia because we did not know the final question. Total: 7

Thursday: 15 miles at Atlanta Memorial Park in 2:10:12 (8:41 avg.). I did 8+ 1.8 mile loops—boring, but the slow pace and flat, forgiving surface (for the most part) kept my aches and pains from getting any worse. Total: 15

Friday: Rest and ice bath.

Saturday: Woke up with a really sore right shoulder/neck (from holding on to the treadmill on Tues.?), so decided not to run until PM. Kristi picked me up at work and we decided to go out and eat, so I got a second rest day, albeit an unplanned one.

Sunday: I got sucked into the Masters and didn’t leave the house until after 5pm (I recorded the final 2+ hours and watched it upon returning home). I decided to drive to Boundary Waters Park in Douglasville and check out their trails. I had planned to do 20-22, but since I was starting so late, the odds of getting that many miles in before dark wasn’t likely. The park closed at dusk and some regulars said that the rangers herded people out before dark, so I decided to run pretty hard. I got in around 17 in around 2:10. My Garmin crapped out again just before the 2 hour mark, and I think it was being a little stingy. I was definitely doing sub-8 minute miles, as the trails were pretty flat (except for one steep up-and-down section that I did just once) and I was pushing the pace. Ice bath upon returning home. Total: 17

Weekly total: 47 miles, 6:52:12, 8:46 min/mile avg.

Wanted to get to 60 this week, but Saturday and Sunday ended that quest. That treadmill workout really compromised the rest of the week because of how bad my knee and IT bands felt. I’m still really pleased with how my training and fitness are progressing. I have a real shot at getting to 200 miles for the month of April, which would be a first for me, my previous high being 183 in February 2007.

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  1. I think the elevation calculated by the LA Fitness treadmill is correct. It looks like the number 15 is the percent grade (i.e. vertical distance divided by horizontal distance), so you would need 5.11 treadmill miles to climb 4000 ft. I don't know how Dan Rose calculated 4.3 miles: it's not far enough to climb 4000 ft if the treadmill is at 15% grade, and it's too far if the treadmill is at 15 degree slope.