Monday, April 20, 2009

April 13-19

Monday: 3 miles of walking to and from home, MARTA, and work. Total: 3 (walking)

Tuesday: 12 miles in 1:29 (7:24 avg.) at Atlanta Memorial Park. 2 lap warm up (1 lap = 1.8+ miles), 3 x mile with 60 sec jog (6:17, 6:15, 6:17), 2+ lap warm down. Warm up and warm down were at 7:40ish per mile, so the whole work out was of good quality. Total: 12

Wednesday: 4 miles of walking to and from home, MARTA, and work. Total: 4 (walking)

Thursday: 14.7 miles in 2:15 (9:14 avg.) at Cochran Shoals/Sope Creek with Jason. Felt weak and hungry in beginning, pace gradually increased as I felt better, lots of ups and downs, final mile on the flats in 7:25. Total: 15

Friday: Rest and ice bath

Saturday: Granite Grinder ½ Marathon on trails at Conyers International Horse Park in 1:34:38. Garmin had 13.53 and I did go off course for 30 sec to a min. Garmin also had 7:00 avg. Don’t have time on warm-up or warm-down. I’m guessing 2:15 total time (7:30 avg.). Total: 18

Sunday: 5 miles in 42:00 (8:24 avg.). Total: 5

Weekly Totals: 50 miles running, 6:41:00, 8:01 avg. pace; 7 miles walking

At 152 miles (159 if I include the 7 miles of walking), this is my highest 3 week total ever. I think my body is adapting, as my leg issues are (I think and hope) gradually subsiding. I am stretching and foam rolling more consistently, and the ice baths also help. I will be doing the AT-approach trail with Jason on Tuesday and take Friday-Thursday as a recovery week. After the recovery week I hope to be able to up my mileage to 60ish on 5 days a week running.

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  1. Okay, I know it's been a long long time since we've chatted, but what on earth is driving you to run these crazy distances??? I MUST know the full story! -Melissa Burns